Project Listen

Giulia Bussi

How do firms really handle their personnel with a view to boosting performance?" Project Listen attempts to provide an answer.

Career Swot Analysis

Gian Piero Scilio

A check-up is useful for ascertaining the health of your own professional journey, and consequently that of your career.

Reinventing new worlds

Giulia Bussi and Marina Farina

Dedicated to the over-50s, and their ability to harness their skills, resources and talent in order to reinvent themselves a brighter professional future.

Weathering the storm with performance indicators

Giovanna Dezza and Gloria Narrante

Why bother with KPI (Key Performance Indicators)? What do they have to do with the weather? In our experience KPIs are used in-store on a daily basis, if not several times a day. In other words, KPIs are commonplace, so what else is there to say?

The art of writing in the internet age

Paola Ellero

In the age of the image and multimedia communication, the written word is gaining ground – we belong to a "text generation" that works, learns and communicates mainly through reading and writing.

How to improve efficacy in commerce

Silvio Trombetta

The idea that we propose here is that all of our individual beliefs have a significant influence on our professional performance.

Organisational co-design

Giulia Bussi, Alberto Carpaneto, Pierpaolo Peretti Griva

It is sufficient to merely skim the surface of the complex reality that is an enterprise, or is it better to minutely dissect it to understand how it works? Is it possible to strike a balance between business interests, and the need for affirmation and recognition of the workforce?

Directors of change

Jacopo Melloni

The word 'change' is frequently used, but almost just as frequently misinterpreted. Organisations that operate in the variegated world of work must decide whether to passively submit to change, or to actively embrace it as a source of new opportunities.


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