Reinventing new worlds

Resilience and creativity, even after 50
Reinventing new worlds cover

Giulia Bussi and Marina Farina

Dedicated to the over-50s, and their ability to harness their skills, resources and talent in order to reinvent themselves a brighter professional future.

Let us explore for a moment what it means to be labelled as a dead weight or superfluous cost for a firm, passed over by the young, and perhaps even losing your job to make way for them in when your firm is restructured. At the other end of the spectrum, what is it like to suddenly see the pensionable age increased just as you are planning your retirement?

In the first part of this article we reflect on how it is possible for people who find themselves in these earth-shattering situations to turn a negative into a positive, and find the silver lining to the cloud of such misfortune.

We believe that first and foremost it requires a great deal of resilience, but also an ability to access intuition, wishful thinking and creativity in order to reinvent a brighter future.

In the second part of the article we consider how organisations can equip themselves in order to keep motivation and productivity levels high in the over-50s.

Indeed, we are sure that people of this age range represent a key resource for an organisation, and that their knowledge, expertise and personal and professional experience are valuable commodities that should be shared with the younger generations. They are also well capable of expanding their skillsets and seizing opportunities for new growth, like those offered by a Long-Life Training Opportunity. In order for an organisation to be in a position to exploit the full potential of a senior workforce, however, it is vital to ensure at it is set up to promote reciprocal trust and co-design.


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