Project Listen

Building a new alliance between firm and personnel in the new millennium.
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Giulia Bussi

How do firms really handle their personnel with a view to boosting performance? Project Listen attempts to provide an answer.

2014 marked the fortieth birthday of Mida, and all of us – consultants and partners alike – are exceedingly proud of what we have achieved so far. We were particularly pleased for an excuse to celebrate in this, what is for all of us a difficult, uncertain time. True to form, however, we at Mida also seized the opportunity to discuss certain questions that have been on our minds for a while: how do firms really handle their personnel with a view to boosting performance in this new age? And what are employees really doing to promote their own job satisfaction, engagement and motivation, despite the cuts, uncertainties and work overload? We put these questions to over 30 real-world managers, directors, and HR supervisors, and this is what we discovered...

It is difficult to summarise the outcome of these interviews due to the diverse profiles of the interviewees, who considered very different characteristics – of managers and staff – and combinations of characteristics as ideal. Such a long list of positive features could never be embodied by one sole person (unless they were in fact a super hero) but it is useful to have them all in one place, as the sum of the various points of view.


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