OTA Academy

Multidisciplinary school for Organisational Transactional Analysis

This qualification in Organisational Transactional Analysis is aimed at professionals operating within or for public or private bodies charged with:

  • Managing interpersonal dynamics and staff systems, and rapidly improving their efficiency and efficacy
  • Understanding and proposing strategies for internal development
  • Predicting and reflecting on the repercussions of change on the organisation's system and personnel
  • Comprehending and applying transactional analysis models when working with organisational system staff
  • Creating a culture and climate that promotes learning, personal and professional growth, and business development

The training course lasts 3 years, and is based on the principles and methodology of Eric Berne's transactional analysis theory, which seeks to explain personality and interactions, and can be used to promote change and growth on both a personal level and within organisations.

This theory provides the key to understanding personal and group psychology, i.e., what we say to ourselves, and how we interact with others.

Transactional analysis theory is highly versatile and lends itself to integration with other innovative approaches, for example, current lines of research into Mindfulness and the neurosciences. The course makes full use of this flexibility, by integrating a range of disciplines.

OTA Academy and MIDA: A fruitful partnership

In order to strengthen its professional network, MIDA has undertaken a partnership in the OTA Academy venture. Indeed, both organisations are centred on personal wellbeing and business efficacy. Like MIDA, the OTA Academy also seeks to promote multidisciplinary exchanges, further to mutually beneficial interactions and skillset development.

Founder and Director: Daniela Cannavale
An expert consultant and trainer in transactional analysis, and specialist in business counselling and executive coaching READ MORE...

Scientific Committee

Daniela Cannavale, (TSTA-O EATA/ITAA)
Marina Farina, (cta trainer EATA/ITAA),
Maurizio Castagna
Paolo Maggio, (TSA-P EATA/ITAA)


Via Privata della Braida, 5
20122 Milan – Italy
Tel. +39 02 6691845


Via Scalo San Lorenzo, 67
00185 Rome – Italy
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