Organisational co-design

Organisational co-design

Giulia Bussi, Alberto Carpaneto, Pierpaolo Peretti Griva

It is sufficient to merely skim the surface of the complex reality that is an enterprise, or is it better to minutely dissect it to understand how it works? Is it possible to strike a balance between business interests, and the need for affirmation and recognition of the workforce? Can we combine a sense of hierarchy with staff participation in the decision-making process?

According to organisational co-design theory, the answer is yes. This approach involves integrating the contributions of various players within the organisation in interventions designed to boost performance.

The following pages collate the experiences of Mida in the participational co-design and delivery of business processes aimed at enterprise development and human resource management.

This instalment in the Ideogram series is divided into four parts: the first outlines the history and a general model of co-design, the second and third discuss the methodology, and the fourth presents several emblematic real-world case studies.


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