Neuro Empowerment

Imagine your company as a forward-looking environment that fully valorises the cognitive potential of all the people working within it. A place that offers real opportunities for wellbeing and enhanced performance based on protocols derived from the latest neuroscientific research?

Neuro Empowerment is an original approach to increasing the levels of professional satisfaction and performance co-devised by the experts at MIDA and NEOCOGITA. It integrates neuroscientific findings with technology, learning design and coaching, in interventions designed to raise the bar and enhance results based on the neurocognitive reshaping of team players.

The joint mission of MIDA and NEOCOGITA is to work together with clients to develop efficacious and original empowerment programmes based on neuroscientific research findings through the customised design of multimodal learning environments, the use of digital tools, and the creation of targeted training and coaching interventions.

Our team is made up of neuroscientists, training and coaching experts, and skilled technology professionals, who work together to help organisations and personnel to express their full talent and potential, to push through barriers, and to discover new horizons.

Intervention areas

  • Multimodal Learning Environments based on neuroscientific evidence
  • Brain Wellness products for firm personnel
  • Neuroscience-based Leadership Evolution
  • Focusing and management of digital distractions
  • Valorisation of cognitive potential in the over-50s
  • Mindfulness



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