MindfulLab transforms a profound aptitude for work and enterprise by integrating Mindfulness-based theory and approaches.

Are you interested in exploring, experiencing and understanding the potential of Mindfulness in the workplace? Would you like to reach a high level of personal equilibrium, centring and self-awareness, so that you can face the challenges of operating in today's business world with confidence and an open mind?

Fruit of a partnership between MIDA and MOSAIC, MindfulLab is a joint research project and intervention designed to provide company personnel a chance to experience Mindfulness.

The project is based on the conviction that the modern-day workplace, characterised by increasing levels of complexity and uncertainty, and a high demand for engagement, requires staff and managers to possess greater awareness, empathy and equilibrium – skills that can be successfully developed through the practice of Mindfulness.

By researching and implementing mindfulness in the field, MindfulLab is able to provide high-quality specialist training in Mindfulness for professionals and executives in an inter-organisational setting.

Intervention areas

  • Mindfulness-based stress reduction – an 8-week course, following the basic protocol, led by certified trainers
  • Practical training days
  • Intensive training retreats
  • Mindfulness-based courses designed to address specific management issues

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