MIDA Awarded Manageritalia Prize for Excellence


In such illustrious company as Expo Milan 2015, Facebook, Giulio Crosetto (Praxi founder)¸ Gerhard Dambach (Robert Bosch SpA) and Mario Gasbarrino (UNES), MIDA has been awarded this prestigious prize, designed to recognise and valorise the work of outstanding managers, firms and professionals whose ideas and sheer hard work have contributed significantly to the development of tertiary industry and the economy as a whole.

A panel of judges selects the winners from among the names put forward by the 35,000 Manageritalia managers, 700,000 Confcommercio firms, and the companies that collaborate with the CFMT (Centre for Tertiary Management Training).

Winners of the award had distinguished themselves for excellence in business generation, success, management, innovation, teamwork, development, and employment, and the Prize for Excellence, first awarded in 2000 and now in its eighth edition, is awarded every two years to those who have set themselves apart for superlative business know-how, managerial skills and professionalism. The prize is given to business leaders who have demonstrated their innovation and capacity to enhance the value of profit-making and non-profit enterprises, the economy, and/or society, and thereby contribute to growth and development.

Why MIDA was awarded the Training Prize

For the professionalism and commitment with which for over 40 years they have helped companies, teams and individuals to constantly improve their performance and results through people. For the dedication with which they help people explore and express their full potential, designing HR systems that generate engagement, and organisational environments that produce success. For the know-how and ability demonstrated in their creation of a continually evolving multidisciplinary team made up of passionate specialists, always looking towards the future with an open mind. For having accompanied the CFMT with passion for almost twenty years, for having distinguished themselves as top performers among HR Management trainers, and for having demonstrated intuition and foresight in supporting the CFMT in the development of an innovative project and great social value.

CFMT – Centre for Tertiary Management Training

“A new and innovative type of training in both approach and content,” says Pietro Luigi Giacomon, President of the CFMT, “is crucial for kick-starting growth. In this global economy and society, the new paradigm for competitiveness is flexibility – being ready to embrace change and quick to seize every opportunity. Over 3000 managers every year find in the CFMT a partner that helps them to refine their knowledge and skills, providing a space for collaboration in which ideas and solutions for growth can be explored. It is thanks to the synergy between managers and entrepreneurs that a culture of innovation and business development models are created that can also be applied to SMEs, and it is thanks to our partners like MIDA, to whom we award this prize, that we are a centre of excellence.”

The Prize for Excellence

The Prize for Excellence – dedicated to Lido Vanni and now in its eighth edition – has, since 2000, when it was created at the behest of Manageritalia, gained considerable standing as an award for managerial excellence. In 2007, upon the involvement of Confcommercio and the Centre for Tertiary Management Training, it was extended to cover firms, entrepreneurs and professionals in management education, in recognition of the spirit of synergy and collaboration necessary to compete in today’s market.


The national federation for high-level executives, managers and professionals in commerce, transport, tourism, services and advanced tertiary industries, Manageritalia has since 1945 represented high-level executives from the private tertiary industry in contractual matters, and since 2003 also mid-level managers and professionals.

It provides managers with representation in contractual and institutional matters, protecting their rights and valorising them in the eyes of politicians, institutions and society, and offers services to the profession, families, and professional and cultural networks. It promotes and valorises the role and contribution of management in economic and social development.

Today Manageritalia can boast over 35,000 members: 23,000 high-level executives serving 9,000 firms, as well as 7,000 retired executives, 2,000 mid-level managers, and 3,000 professionals. The federation is active across the nation through 13 associations offering a full range of services: training, professional consultancy, insurance and pensions, and healthcare assistance for managers and their families, as well as cultural and recreational initiatives.


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