Good news! We are now living longer and better on average.

Pension providers are well aware of this fact, and continue to raise the age at which we can retire.

The fact that people are living longer and healthier is radically changing the rules of the game.

This has evident repercussions on:

  • Individuals, who must face changes in lifestyle, identity, and personal goals.
  • Firms, which must adapt their management policies and practices to move with the times.
  • National systems, which must put in place strategies, interventions and synergies able to turn these new realities into opportunities.

It is our ambition to become a point of reference for firms endeavouring to embrace this change, helping to develop ways of thinking, behaving and operating that accommodate the new, older workforce. To this end we are challenging out-of-date business strategies based on the latest discoveries in the field of aging, following the examples set by North-European systems, and even several visionary, forward-looking companies, based in Italy and all over the world.

As one of the founders of the Senior Observatory, MIDA has researched the topic in great depth, organising several conferences on the aging workforce, and sharing information and ideas with institutions, organisations and the media.

MIDA has concentrated its efforts on working with private firms, conducting targeted investigations and implementing projects designed to increase engagement among senior professionals.



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