HUMAN+ Foundation

The Human+ Foundation was set up by a group of university professors, entrepreneurs, professionals, and private citizens to promote the development of human capital via interventions in the workplace, organisations and local contexts.

The Human+ Foundation has chosen to operate in three areas that pose important challenges:

Open Innovation

The Human+ Foundation embraces innovators from a wide range of occupational contexts (organisations, public administration bodies, and private firms) – pioneers determined to generate the right organisational, professional and cultural ground in which to plant the seeds of open innovation.

Human Capital & Start-Ups

To stimulate and nurture growth in new enterprises, the Human+ Foundation has developed STEPS – a method for analysing INDIVIDUAL ENTREPRENEURIAL POTENTIAL, putting together START-UP TEAMS, and consolidating ENTERPRISE CREATION SYSTEMS.

Science & Talent

Since it was first set up, the Human+ Foundation has been proudly supporting young researchers, talented scholars, and promising students in their training and professional development by co-funding scholarships, internships and work contracts.


The Human+ Foundation achieves its goals through three main intervention strategies:

RESEARCH: all the Human+ Foundation's operational programmes are founded on the results of applied and inter-disciplinary scientific research projects, either of their own devising or in partnership with academic institutions.

SPREADING THE WORD: The Human+ Foundation organises specific events, and its associates participate in conferences with a link to its field of intervention, communicating the results of their research and promoting studies and publishing projects together with its scientific and media partners – from univeristies to national news providers like il Sole 24 Ore, La Stampa, Nova 24 – in order to reach the widest possible audience.

TRANSFERING KNOW-HOW: The professionals that the Human+ Foundation mentors can benefit from the results of its research in the form of specific, evidence-based training programmes, info-points, and targeted coaching and consultancy services of guaranteed efficacy.

MIDA is one of the Human+ Foundation's main supporters

Together, MIDA and the Human+ Foundation have set up:

  • Management of Open Innovation – an applied research project designed to determine best sectorial practices for open innovation in cutting-edge businesses, and to spread this know-how among businesses, policy-makers, and other interested parties.
  • "Innovation and Divulgation in SMEs" – a conference organised to increase awareness of open innovation management.
  • Learning Tour – a project designed to promote innovation and change in “Team Integration & Team Innovation”.
  • Corporate Venturing - a model for implementing open innovation in real-world enterprises.
  • Entrepreneurial Potential – a project to develop a web platform for profiling aspiring entrepreneurs based on the STEPS (STartuppers and Entrepreneurs Potential Survey) method of analysing human capital factors in start-up businesses.



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