HR Factory

In-company development

HR Factory is dedicated to HR management professionals. It integrates innovative and consolidated approaches in efficacious strategies for HR evaluation and development.

HR management has long been viewed through the lens of business partnerships. Through effective, engagement-based HR management processes it is possible to create significant and lasting improvements in business performance.
Indeed, a large body of research provides evidence that an engaged staff is able to make the difference in terms of productivity, loyalty and profit-making.

How can HR Factory contribute?
Our interventions, developed together with the client, work to stimulate growth via targeted strategies on two levels:

  • By working directly on engagement, measuring it in such a way as to understand its key characteristics in the context and making it grow with the client.
  • By designing and managing HR processes that directly promote engagement.

Why HR Factory?

We produce effective solutions to HR issues by integrating different skillsets and perspectives. This coordinated approach allows us provide targeted interventions for even the most complex projects. Working together with the French company, PerformanSe, we focus on building tools for individual assessment and improving team performance. Through the Human+ Foundation, MIDA's scientific and professional research partner, we have launched a joint project with Turin Polytechnic University Department of Psychology to study and develop new models and tools for this purpose. Alongside technological partners, we are also working to bring such tools on-line, and to harness the potential of the internet and social media in furthering effective HR policy.

Thanks to these collaborations, we are able to offer effective solutions such as:

  • A future-focused performance evaluation system capable of analysing the quality of short-term and long-term results for meaningful self-evaluation and 360-degree feedback.
  • Potential evaluation systems combined with personnel resource development, in particular meta-skills (Empowerment Center)
  • Tailored talent and internal growth management plans for staff and manager autonomy aimed at uncovering and nurturing individual talents, rather than a "one-size-fits-all" approach to HR



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