MIDA can help you make sense of this ever-changing field of operations, guiding HR management and pointing you in the right direction for success.

The world of Human Resources evolves so rapidly that the direction we must take is not always clear. The advent of new technology, the increasing complexity of organizational structures, the numerous organisational, contractual and sociobiological factors (age, gender, ethnocultural background) that need to be taken into account when defining policy, and the continual upheaval of consolidated, mature systems such as Performance or Talent Management can sometimes make it difficult to know where to turn.

MIDA’s long experience, international profile, and strong partnerships with innovative specialist firms from around the globe make us the ideal partner for helping you embrace the challenges ahead.

Throughout over 40 years of operation MIDA has continuously updated its products and services to suit the changing needs of the times, but our mission to enhance your personal growth has never altered. It is this dedication, together with our unique and constantly evolving set of skills and our growing range of professional partnerships, that help us to help you make the difference.

We have considerable experience in designing successful interventions for national and international companies, both large and small, operating in various sectors of the market. Our interventions are customised on a client-to-client basis, and we exploit methods that have been tried and tested, thanks to our partnerships with many specialist firms from around the world.

Intervention areas

Rethinking your HR strategy to suit your business needs and adapt to the new social dynamics, without losing sight of the firm’s specific environment.
Developing systems to promote social, learning and talent systems, harnessing the potential of the latest technology and averting disruptive, uncontrolled change.
Implementing Engagement-based HR Management, and promoting a style of leadership designed to improve business performance by fostering empowerment.
Nurturing talented individuals and developing talent in all personnel, fostering individual autonomy for personal growth, and designing and implementing precisely tailored development systems and strategies.
Marrying the accuracy and reliability of assessment with the development of concrete enhancement of staff skills, thanks to the integration of tried and tested tools for evaluating potential (diagnostic tests, assessment interviews and Assessment Center) and individualised self-empowerment consulting.
Improving business outcomes by valorising the experience and specific skill-sets of senior members of the team, focussing on the “human” as well as the technical.
Measuring the focus and dedication of team members, analysing contributory factors, and developing strategies to foster enthusiasm and commitment.
Identifying and maximising staff strengths, and developing structured, replicable systems for turning implicit skills into explicit excellence.
Overhauling and streamlining tired, habitual Performance Management systems to enhance efficacy and results.


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