Directors of change

Directors of change

Jacopo Melloni

The word 'change' is frequently used, but almost just as frequently misinterpreted. Organisations that operate in the variegated world of work must decide whether to passively submit to change, or to actively embrace it as a source of new opportunities.

A third party intervention to evaluate and shape the  behaviour of a workforce can shed considerable light on the performance of an organisation, and thereby contribute to an overall analysis that must nowadays be followed by rapid, decisive decision-making.

The experience I describe has been implemented in a firm that had decided to take the reins of its own change through a series of interventions that make up a logical system designed to promote the consolidation and growth of their market position.

The way I see it, this represents a positive example of how Mida can intervene to empower a firm, bringing its considerable expertise in terms of relational systems to the table, to complement more direct forms of business performance enhancement. 

In this book I illustrate the logic behind undertaking this type of experience, and the resulting outcomes, describing how such interventions can be tailored to other, similar situations. Indeed, I consider this experience not only a great personal satisfaction that has allowed me to unite my long-held passion for the theatre with my unswerving commitment to my vocation, but also a shining example of the extraordinary capacity of individuals and groups of people to rise to the occasion and create value in the face of change.


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