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Gian Piero Scilio

Think of an ice-hockey match.

This to me seems the best analogy for the workplace, in terms of careers and inter-relations.

The ice is hard but unstable, and as such provides the perfect representation of the environment we need to move in: fast, tough, no time to waste or take a break, and unforgiving of mistakes, inattention or lack of success.

In this context the puck that the opposing teams fight over can be seen as the available business: small, unpredictable, and gone before you know it! It takes a well-trained player to follow and predict its rapid movements, and intercept it before the rival team manages to do so before putting it in the back of the net. The players themselves? Well, they remind me of colleagues in the workplace, engaged in the daily struggle for success – people able to give and take the inevitable knocks of the game, and always ready to get back on their feet and strive for victory.

Obviously I don't mean to say that things were easy ten years ago, and only in the last five years have things become difficult or extreme. Indeed, even before the current crisis things were tough, complicated and unpredictable. However, the trials and tribulations of the modern-day workplace are arguably even more so.

In fact, the level of professional complexity has increased exponentially.

The words people use to describe their current career situation are as follows: “It's a period of great uncertainty… I'm at a cross-roads… I need a pit stop… It's like playing a hand of poker”. These expressions perfectly convey the way people are experiencing the workplace in this day and age, and it is clear that something must be done.

This article outlines a possible check-up strategy for ascertaining the health status of your own professional journey, and consequently that of your career. Indeed, as the doctor says, prevention is the best form of medicine – why wait for debilitating symptoms to appear?

A check-up is useful for ascertaining the health of your own professional journey, and consequently that of your career.


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