The art of writing in the internet age

The art of writing in the internet age

Paola Ellero

Written, like verbal, communication is continually evolving stylistically, alongside the evolution in the methods used to communicate. The old logic and forms of expression have now become outdated, and we must therefore be open to new ideas and means of communication.

In particular, the widespread use of social media has brought about profound changes in the way we interact, with writing and speaking styles becoming more similar, and often indistinguishable. Nevertheless, the written word must still be relied upon on for accuracy, coherence, conciseness, and even a pinch of creativity – even more when the recipient's attention must be attract and held via a computer, tablet or smartphone screen.

In the age of the image and multimedia communication, the written word is gaining ground – we belong to a "text generation" that works, learns and communicates mainly through reading and writing.


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